Monday, August 10, 2009

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Yesterday we trekked to the Genesee Country Village & Museum for their "Laura Ingalls Wilder Days". Like Williamsburg and Old Sturbridge Village, this is one of my favorite places.

It feeds my soul and completely enchants me . . .

The highlight of our day was enjoying a private lunch with actress Karen Grassle of "Little House on the Prairie" fame !! We ate in this lovely home:

What a treat of a day !!! Definitely a reason to smile !!

Happy Monday !

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Angel Jem said...

I was a late convert to the Little House books... 3 brothers meant watching the TV programme was soooo out, but I love the books. And this place looks cool. I love the blue and white china, and the photos give a really good idea of the place. One day, perhaps.