Monday, June 15, 2009

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

You know those hanging "bags" of flowers ?!?!?!? Well, I had envisioned hanging one on each of our barns doors this summer . . . I thought they would look so pretty with those cascading flowers. But the garden center I visited last weekend was sold out, and a small garden center nearby had several left, but they were both expensive (to me, anyway !) and not looking so healthy. Well, maybe next year, I thought.

But, on a jaunt to my favorite farm market over the weekend, I was lucky enough to find these lovelies . . .

Little twig baskets filled with petunias !! They were prettier and less expensive than anything I'd seen so far . . . and I can reuse the baskets again and again ! Perfect !! I love it when you stumble upon something so much better than you thought you wanted ! These beauties make me smile every time I glance at them !

Happy Monday !


heidiannie said...

MMmm! Twig baskets..very petty!

heidiannie said...

Pretty.. and economical!
I don't think they're petty- maybe cheap, but not petty!

Furniture removalists said...

petunias are my favorite!