Monday, March 2, 2009

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

I've been absent again . . . and for no specific reason.

I came home from work last Monday on a mission to cook and bake . . . and I got so caught up in the kitchen that I forgot about my Monday post !!! The rest of the week was much the same.

I really enjoyed that busyness of DOING . . . it's so easy for me to get caught up in the wishing and dreaming side of things, with my nose in a magazine or pressed to the computer screen getting inspired by what everyone else does. It was refreshing to ACT . . . not to mention enjoying the fruits of my kitchen labor: beef stew, peanut butter Reese's cup cookies, chicken orzo soup, homemade honey wheat bread . . . !!

Since I spent a lot of time in the kitchen, I thought I'd share one of my newly-identified collections/obsessions: Mason jars !!! Maybe it started back in Pennsylvania - right after Jack & I were married - when I bought 4 adorable canning jar mugs for 50 cents each at the grocery store. Since then, I've used them in so many office Christmas gifts and all over the house. I had some extras recently, just hanging out in my cabinet, waiting to be used, when my brain kicked in and I realized some of the uses I could put them to in the kitchen:

. . . storing rice, my chocolate candies . . .

. . . pasta, spices & seasonings . . .
and the list goes on !!!
They save space and look nice, too !!!!!

I've got a couple more on that shelf,
just waiting for their assignment . . . !

Happy (Mason jar love) Monday !!!

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