Monday, January 19, 2009

"Makes Me Smile" Monday

Took a little break from blogging these past 2 weeks. It wasn't planned or necessary or anything . . . just nothing exciting or post-worthy going on in my little corner of the world. Coming back to work after the holidays to a very busy and long 2 weeks left me feeling tired and restless for some "me" time again . . . time to relax, refocus, and such. I've spent a lot of time reading, and here are the reads that have me smiling:

Ah, yes, the "Twilight" series . . . I've jumped on the bandwagon !! Loved the movie, and am now in the middle of book #3 . . . no spoilers, please !!! They've been a nice mix of page-turning excitement and sweet romance . . . I don't remember having anything like this to read when I was a teenager !!!

On a more grown-up note, this book has been a treat with every page:

She so perfectly puts into words what I feel about and how much I value the "gentle arts", and gives a name to people like me who like to be jacks-of-all-trades in the homemaking department: domestic artists !! Such a great book . . . and blog !
What reads are making you smile today ???

Happy (nose in a book) Monday !!

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laura said...

i knew you would love twilight!! I wish i could read them for the first time all over again.